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The initiative from the Department of Defense (DOD) to accurately mark, track and trace components used in the assembly process requires barcode scanning solutions that are durable, secure and provide accurate scanning of each barcode the first time and every time. Code’s suite of 2D barcode scanners are engineered, manufactured and tested with this purpose in mind and each are equipped with a wide range of features for even the most demanding environment.

The CR1000 is Code’s entry-level offering - a durable, tethered handheld scanner that can read both large and small barcodes. The CR1000 has a durable housing that can withstand multiple drops to a concrete surface.

Code’s next offering, the CR2600, has dual-field optics to read both high-density and very wide barcodes in the same unit, anti-glare technology for reading barcodes printed on shiny metallic surfaces or printed behind glass or plastic surfaces. The CR2600 can be configured as a wireless Bluetooth® scanner or tethered and has a modular and durable housing that can survive the most demanding environments as well as be configured for either handheld or palm format use.

Lastly, the CR3600 offers the same features and benefits of the CR2600 and adds a screen and keyboard for data entry applications.

A CodeOne service plan can be added to each product with 3 levels of service with options for faster RMA turnaround times, loss/theft replacement, and additional years of warranty, all of which provide peace of mind in knowing that your investment is protected.

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