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Code barcode readers are used in the law enforcement and government communities to gather information more efficiently and effectively. The use of the Code barcode readers are used in eCitation, eCrash Reports, Roadside Checks, Chain-of -Custody, Asset Tracking Networking, Department of Defense IUID programs and more. We offer customized solutions, for easy integration into information and enterprise systems - whatever the application.

Law Enforcement
Code barcode readers instantly decode data from all 1D and 2D barcodes, including driver licenses and vehicle registrations. The flexibility of the Code Reader 3600 allows an officer to use the graphic display to toggle between applications before reading barcodes or entering additional information. Learn more >>

Department of Motor Vehicles
Code barcode readers will allow barcoded data to be populated into any application from any state driver license, regardless of current or future AAMVA standards, making Code barcode readers the most cost-effective and future-proof barcode reader on the market. Learn more >>

Department of Defense (UID)
Code’s suite of 2D barcode readers are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide accurate scanning of each barcode the first time, and every time. Learn more >>

Age Verification
Protect your business with Code’s Age Verification solution. The CR3600 is an ‘all-in-one’ solution that does not require a PC, or manual data management. The CR3600 features patented technology that will quickly read and display parsed data from any state issued driver license, identification card, or military ID, protecting to your business from underage patrons. Learn more >>

Specialty Applications
Code’s talented application engineering team can customize Code readers to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution or a JavaScript application for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution. Learn more >>

Code’s Barcode Readers, from an IT PerspectiveCode barcode readers are versatile and feature rich with patented technologies for easy integration into any industry. They are easy to configure, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Learn more >>