Labs, Specimen Collection and Blood Transfusion Verification

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Code barcode readers provide clinicians a truly mobile barcode reading solution.

Code barcode readers have been designed with the mobile healthcare worker in mind. Having a complete line of versatile, configurable and disinfectant-ready barcode readers, allows clinicians to select a Code solution that best works for their workflow process, without worrying about cross-contamination. Built to withstand the harsh chemical cleaners used in the healthcare environment, clinicians can quickly wipe down a barcode reader when moving room to room.

Code readers can be integrated into any Health Information Systems, giving clinicians the ability to verify patient identification at the point of collection, significantly reducing the risk of a patient/specimen mismatch. Additionally, Code readers can communicate via Bluetooth technology which allows a clinician to quickly scan a patient wristband and send data to a mobile printer to produce patient-specific barcoded labels for placement on vials, containers, blood bags and more.

Barcoded labeled specimens ensure that lab workflows aren't compromised by manual data entry errors. While barcoded blood donations aid in the tracking and administering of blood transfusions to accurately match blood donations to the correct patient, and be alerted to expired donations.

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