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Track and trace components to finished goods for enhanced productivity and profitability.

Code offers a full line of barcode readers that quickly and aggressively decode 1D, 2D, postal, color and low-contrast barcodes, as well as laser-etched and dot peen marks. Because of their versatility and first-pass read rates, Code barcode readers have been seamlessly integrated into applications throughout the entire manufacturing process in Automotive, Semiconductor, Electronic Assembly, Apparel, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Consumer Product industries.

We understand the challenges faced by automation applications and our products are specifically designed to handle the tasks demanded in these environments with performance that increases both productivity and profitability.


Integrating Code barcode readers into a work-in-process application provides visibility throughout each step of production, from tracking the delivery of raw parts and components to logging shipments of manufactured products. The visibility to real time data ensures both optimal inventory levels and manufacturing lines remain operational.

Track and Trace
Track and trace is the route to a successful and profitable production process. Code’s DPM barcode readers provide a solution that is quick and easy for operators to use in fast pace environments, while their high performing scan engine ensures that dot peen and laser-etched marks can be read in a snap without slowing down the production line.

Product Verification
There are many industries where product verification is a critical requirement. Code’s versatile barcode readers are designed with multiple illumination fields which intuitively select the field that is most efficient at reading each barcode type; bringing speed and accuracy to the verification process.

Supply Chain Management
Using barcoding for supply chain management captures data faster and more accurately. Costs are lowered and data entry mistakes are minimized, making managing inventory easy and purchasing more efficient. A barcoded system can be implemented throughout all areas of the manufacturing process to track components, finished parts and completed goods. Automated stock taking and re-ordering can maximize inventory and be an important component within a lean manufacturing process.

Shipping and Delivery
Code is your partner for barcode reading solutions that improve the accuracy of your shipping or delivery processes. Accurate data entry into shipping documentation assists on time and accurate deliveries along with enhanced customer service. As with all of our products, a JavaScript platform enables data editing for specialist applications, and combined with our Scan2Print functionality, brings a flexibility that enables you to develop powerful data collection solutions for this key business process.

Mobile Enterprise
Wherever your mobile worker is operating, Code’s suite of image based barcode readers will keep them productive, and provide you with real time information to maximize business efficiency. Code manufactures a sled that turns an iPhone® 5 or 5s into a mobile data capture device and wireless, Bluetooth, barcode readers with color screens and keypads for entering data - ideal for "on the move solutions” for inventory and quality control or parts tracking on shelves and assembly lines.

Specialty Applications
Code’s talented application engineering team can customize Code readers to develop a self-contained barcode reading solution or a JavaScript application for quick and easy integration of barcoded data into any existing enterprise solution.

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