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Healthcare is one of the most challenging environments for barcode reading. Unlike a retail environment where there are barcode standards, healthcare sees many different sizes and types of barcode symbologies printed on a variety of surface types. Inconsistencies in barcoded data also present a challenge and require barcode readers to parse data for integration into health information systems.

The FDA has issued a ruling requiring drug manufacturers to place a barcode consisting of the National Drug Code (NDC) associated to that drug on the drug packaging, but drug manufacturer can choose to encode additional data in the same barcode. The barcode may also include lot numbers and expiration date.

In order to achieve success with bedside medication administration and verification process, pharmacies need to apply barcodes to as many of the unit-dose and compound medications as possible. If a drug can be scanned in the Pharmacy, it can be scanned at bedside, thus eliminating any manual processes or workarounds associated with unscanned medications.

Barcoding inventory gives Pharmacists a tool to track medications from receiving to dispensing accurately and efficiently. Why choose Code barcode readers ? Learn more about the unique features found in Code barcode readers »»

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