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Jun 28 2017
Code Launches Customizable, Multi-Tiered Service Plans

Media Contact:
Leslie Titus Bryant, MDM
Corporate Marketing Manager
Office: (801) 987-7215

CodeOne Program Offers Flexibility, Service to Suit Each Client

SALT LAKE CITY—June 28, 2017—Code, a leading developer of image-based barcode readers, announces the release of a new range of service and support plans. The multi-tiered CodeOne program lets clients choose the support solution that fits their needs, from the excellent Standard service included with every product to premium services like on-site GoLive implementation support. They can also opt for a tailored solution anywhere in between.

"Each organization is unique, with specific needs, not only in terms of the technology they require but also the support they need to get the most from their investment,” says Code’s Director of Service and Support, Jeff Shoop. "With CodeOne, we are expanding the flexibility of our service and support programs. CodeOne incorporates five distinct service plans, and we can build from any of them to develop custom service plans for those with special requirements. This way, none of our clients pay for service and support they don’t need, while every organization is ensured the attention it requires.”

CodeOne service plans vary in both coverage and duration, with packages like CodeOne Elevated and Peak giving customers multiple enhanced options for warranty and turnaround time. Extend product warranty, shorten turnaround times to next day, and even allow for accidents as part of an all-encompassing security plan. For areas outside the zone of faster turnaround, the Spares Pool plan supports geographies where other service plans are not available, providing instant access to spare units to avoid any downtime.

Designed to help organizations install and operate Code products across their enterprise, GoLive covers on-site support and training, as well as ongoing preferred access to hotline phone support. In addition, GoLive provides access to Code’s top application engineers for specialized priority support during the organization’s roll-out phase.

"At Code, we understand that barcode reading increasingly means more to an enterprise than the simple act of acquiring a data scan,” Shoop says. "Our clients rely on us to help their organizations become more efficient. The CodeOne service plans are just another way for us to fulfill that mission.”

About Code
Code is a technology leader in image-based barcode reading solutions. Code designs and manufactures a complete line of image-based barcode reading hardware and software solutions to enhance productivity and exceed customers’ expectations for superior barcode reading performance, ergonomic design, equipment durability, and seamless integration with their operations. Servicing a diverse range of industries and environments, Code’s products are used in critical applications in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and a range of other diverse industries.

Code's worldwide headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, USA, and has regional headquarters in China, Singapore and The Netherlands. For more information, visit