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A dependable inventory management system is essential to the profitability of any business. Speed is crucial to any business. Quality control and quick turnaround of products receipt to order fulfillment is crucial to any business. A device that can assist with all of these components should be crucial to any business.

Code barcode readers should be a key component in any business' inventory control process. All of Code readers are engineered to out-perform and out-read the competitions'. From reading barcodes that are very small, to very large printed on shiny or curved surfaces to poorly printed barcodes; all foundational hurdles Code has engineered to succeed. Featuring a JavaScript platform, Code readers can handle the data parsing and integration into any enterprise solution.

Code barcode readers can simplify supply chain and distribution management by reading all 1D and 2D barcodes, assist in inventory counts, inventory location and alerting users to when re-ordering or re-stocking is needed. For added versatility and ease of integration, Code's CR3600 has an inventory management application pre-installed with source files available for advanced customization.

From tethered to wireless, Code has a barcode reading solution to fit any inventory management need.


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