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Code's CR8000 is a patented, high performance, miniature scan engine that is ideal for OEM applications in both mobile and fixed devices. The CR8000 continues Code's legacy of dual optical fields - while most devices have a single field enhanced for a specific application, Code's CR8000 is a versatile, future-proof engine that has both a high density field for reading the smallest of barcodes and a wide angle field for reading over sized barcodes - giving you two readers in one.

The aggressive decode capability of the CR8000 is unmatched in scanning barcodes directly from mobile devices, as well as dense and damaged barcodes. The motion detection, continuous scan, and omni-directional features of the CR8000 make it the ideal scan engine for self-service kiosks and terminals.

The CR8000 draws significantly less current and gets into and out of its lower power state faster than any other imager based scan engine on the market. With the variety of mounting options available, the CR8000 can be integrated into terminals, PDAs, medical devices, kiosks, lottery terminals are more.

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