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Populate administration forms, print patient wristbands with Code's driver license parsing applications.

Code barcode readers are built on a JavaScript platform, which has allowed our Application Engineers to develop patented applications that control the logic of how barcoded data is processed, encrypted, displayed and then inputted into enterprise solutions.

The programming versatility of Code barcode readers, allows them to parse data from all barcoded government-issued identification to quickly auto populate electronic admitting forms, eliminating data entry errors. Additionally, Code has developed a patented application that allows administrators to send the captured data directly to wristband or identification card printers, speeding up the admittance and employee registration process.

Code barcode readers can be integrated into any information system and have been designed for maximum versatility. Code readers are available in wired or wireless communication modes, designed in both handled and palm configurations, and can be used in-stand with motion detection, or manually out of a stand.

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