Positive Breast Milk Identification

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Eliminate EBM administration errors with Code barcode readers.

Feeding a baby the wrong mother’s Expressed Breast Milk (EBM), exposes the baby to potential health risks. Considering the number of feedings delivered and the steps in handling EBM, more and more hospitals are recognizing the need for implementing a positive patient identification workflow to match EBM to both mother and child.

Code has been a leader in developing barcoded solutions to eliminate EBM feeding errors, in both stand-alone applications and applications that are integrated into Health Information Systems. By scanning a mother's barcoded patient ID wristband, Code readers can communicate, via Bluetooth, to a printer to reproduce the mother's unique patient ID barcode in the form of a label, for placement on EBM vials in the mother's room. The barcoded label on the EBM vials are then used to manage breast milk inventory, track expiration dates and to match EBM to a baby before feedings to eliminate EBM administration errors and improve patient safety.

Code barcode readers are disinfectant-ready, easy to use and read all barcodes, even on curved surfaces, making them the ideal reader for reading barcodes on small bottles and infant wristbands. Additionally, Code readers feature a patented anti-glare technology for reading barcodes on wristbands through an incubator.

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